Medievil 2 (E-F-G) (SCES-02544) Protection Fix

Medievil 2 (E-F-G) (SCES-02544) Protection Fix
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Create Date1 novembre 2020
Last Updated1 novembre 2020
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  1. Daniy Dan
    Déc 6, 2020

    PS2 avec USB Key: sur ému “Popstarter” = gros glitch & problèmes vidéos. Il est jouable sur PS2SXe (image.bin).

  2. Ich in Neugier
    Nov 2, 2020

    What is Protection fix? Thx✌️

    • rubinho146
      Nov 3, 2020

      Some PAL PS1 games had a copy protection called Libcrypt that prevented you from continuing your game. This protection fix removes that and allows you to play it through an emulator, burn it, etc without a SBI

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