PSX2PSP Eboots

A new section was created in forums where there will be PSX2PSP Eboots for you to download and enjoy PS1 games.


-Circuit Breakers (En, Fr, Ge, Pt, Lt)

-Astérix The Gallic War (En, Fr, It, Pt)

-Patriotic Pinball (En, Fr, Ge Pt)

-Millennium Soldier Expendable (En, Fr, It, Pt)

-Lucky Luke Western Fever (En, Fr, Ge, Pt, It)

-South Park Rally (En, Fr, Ge, Pt)

-Astérix Mega Madness (En, Fr, It, Ge, Nd, Pt)

-Final Fantasy VII (Fr)

-Bugs Bunny Lost in Time (En, Es, Fr, It, Ge, Nd)

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– Bugs Bunny Lost in Time NTSC (PATCH) (En, Es, Fr, It, Ge, Nd) This patch allows you to play your favorite language in the NTSC version in 60hZ

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  1. mxscrr
    Avr 29, 2020

    Great news
    PSX2PSP are known for having a lot of compatibility issues.
    Will the game be tested so we can have the indication of the Popsloader to use ? Do you make the EBOOT and the visuals by yourself ?

    • rubinho146
      Avr 29, 2020

      Hello, if you check the page of each PSX2PSP that was posted here you can see that some games will have a warning like (Hold R button when booting the game and select POPS 3.03) or (Tested on a 6.60 PRO-B10), so answering to your question, yes, all the games here were all tested and created by me and future posts will also be tested as well.

      • mxscrr
        Avr 30, 2020

        Thanks you. Indeed I should have opened some.
        Your visuals are very good ! I just notice some portuguese titles which was a bit confusing the 1st time

        • rubinho146
          Mai 9, 2020

          Thanks! I try my best to make them look cool and add manuals to them.
          Yes, I added the Portuguese titles, if people here ask for the spanish version of those games I will just add those as well.


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