PS2 en réseaux

Correction des jeux PS2 sans jaquettes

Demandé tout juste sur le forum, pour ceux qui possèdent l’adaptateur ou un plugin pcsx2 pour jouer en ligne, voici les outils pour commencer 😉

– Network Access Disc (Da-E-F-Fi-G-I-N-No-Pt-S-Sw) (SCES-51578) (v6.00)
– Linux (for PlayStation 2) Release 1.0 (E) (Disc2of2) (Software Packages) (PBPX-95510)
– Linux (for PlayStation 2) Release 1.0 (E) (Disc1of2) (Runtime Environment) (PBPX-95509)

et pour plus d’infos : ==> Tutorial sur Metagames

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  1. bigbob
    Sep 3, 2020

    Thank you for your help!
    Thanks to your site I found some very rare game roms … and I really appreciate it. But I want to go further and as soon as my condition $ improves, not for me, but for those who depend on me, I want to make a contribution to the site, later on, and I believe that not very soon. Once again, excellent quality, perfectly organized even the files stored when downloaded, and I practically didn’t see any pop-up that would disturb the experience here.

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