Jeux manquants

Adding missing games from the Most Wanted list :

– Colony Wars Vengeance (S) (SLES-01408)
– Crusaders of Might and Magic (S) (SLES-02691)
– Global Domination (S) (SLES-01425)
– Manager de Liga 2002 (S) (SLES-03607)
– Space Debris (S) (SCES-02433)
– UEFA Champions League Season 2000-2001 (S) (SLES-03283)
– Walt Disney El Libro de la Selva – Muevete con Ritmo (S) (SCES-03029)

Have fun!


  1. dizzzy
    Fév 9, 2018

    Hey it’s my copy of UEFA that diego dumped 🙂

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