Most Wanted Part. 2

New games added with Redump, with mostly Finland games this time 😉
As usual, direct link will be for Redump release, you can find the game modified with proper names and One bin/cue by searching it on the website.

Disney Tarzan (Fi) (SCES-02184)
Disneyn Peter Pan – Seikkailu Mika-Mika-Maassa (Fi) (SCES-03710)
Haluatko Miljonaariksi (Fi) (SLES-03584)
Stuart Little 2 (Fi) (SCES-03852)
Walt Disney Ksiega Dzungli – Groove Party (Pol) (SCES-03028)

Adding some more missing games :

– Tiny Tank (F) (SCES-02072)
– Army Men Air Attack 2 (S) (SLES-03230)
– Cardinal Syn (S) (SCES-01206)
– Firo & Klawd (S) (SLES-00254)
– Xenocracy – The Ultimate Solar War (S) (SLES-00815)

Et pour finir, une requête du forum :

– C – The Contra Adventure (U) (SLUS-00499)

Bon jeux!! Have fun

Most Wanted

Today will be a bunch of games that were missing from the website, thanks for members that are providing quality dumps day after day.

For those who come here for the last set from topic (Dizzy Upload), official Untouched release are available with a direct link without the need to register.

Disneys Lilo & Stitch – Trubbel i Paradiset (Sw) (SCES-03878)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (E-No-Sw) (SLES-03975)
Harry Potter ja Salaisuuksien Kammio (Fi) (SLES-03976)
Lussan Nathhorst Presenterar Riding Star (Sw) (SLES-02720)
– UEFA Champions League – Saison 1998-99 (F) (SLES-01744)
Walt Disneys Djungelboken – Groove Party (Sw) (SCES-03030)
007 – The World Is Not Enough (Sw) (SLES-03138)
Byggare Bob – Kan Vi Fixa Det (Sw) (SLES-03562)
– Spice World (S) (SCES-01234)

Then 2 more not from Redump :

– Hugo 2 (S) (SLES-01809)
– Fifa 2000 (Is) (SLES-02321)


ISO Playstation

Allez, on se rapproche de la fin 😉 une 60ene et c’est bon. Voici donc aujourd’hui plusieurs jeux manquants :

– Stock Car Racer (E) (SLES-03995)
– Truck Rally (E) (SLES-04128)
– Truck Racing (E) (SLES-03953)
– Streak Hoverboard Racing (E) (SLES-01437)
– Street Fighter – The Movie (E) (SLES-00050)
– Strider 2 (E) (SLES-02867)
– Strike Force Hydra (E) (SLES-04046)
– Striker 96 (E) (SLES-00023)
– Strikers 1945 II (E) (SLES-03510)
– Submarine Commander (E) (SLES-02728)
– Super Dropzone – Intergalactic Rescue Mission (E) (SLES-04045)
– Super Slammin Dodgeball (E) (SLES-03961)
– Superbike Masters (E) (SLES-04154)
– Surf Riders (E) (SLES-02838)
– Sven-Goeran Erikssons World Challenge (E) (SLES-03867)
– Sven-Goeran Erikssons World Manager (E) (SLES-03826)
– The Raiden Project (E) (SLES-00051)
– The Simpsons – Wrestling (E) (SLES-03401)
– Telenecos RaceMania (S) (SCES-02486)
– Ten Pin Alley (E) (SLES-00534)
– The Weakest Link (E) (SLES-03551)
– Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf (E) (SLES-03148)
– Tiger Woods USA Tour 2000 (E) (SLES-02595)
– Tiger Woods USA Tour 2001 (E) (SLES-03337)

Bon jeux!!

The King of Fighters Kyo

Adding the spanish translation for King of Fighters Kyo

The King of Fighters Kyo (TRAD-S) (SLPM-86095)

Jeux manquants

Adding missing games from the Most Wanted list :

– Colony Wars Vengeance (S) (SLES-01408)
– Crusaders of Might and Magic (S) (SLES-02691)
– Global Domination (S) (SLES-01425)
– Manager de Liga 2002 (S) (SLES-03607)
– Space Debris (S) (SCES-02433)
– UEFA Champions League Season 2000-2001 (S) (SLES-03283)
– Walt Disney El Libro de la Selva – Muevete con Ritmo (S) (SCES-03029)

Have fun!

ISO Playstation 2

Ajout de plusieurs requêtes PS2 faites sur le forum :

– Mercenaries – Playground of Destruction (I-S) (SLES-53008)
– True Crime – Streets of LA (E-F-G-I-S) (SLES-51754)
– Playboy – The Mansion (E-F-G-I-S) (SLES-52752)
– DragonBall Z – Budokai (E-F-G-I-S) (SLES-51233)
– DragonBall Z – Budokai 2 (E-F-G-I-S) (SLES-51839)
– DragonBall Z – Budokai 3 (E-F-G-I-S) (SLES-52730)
– DragonBall Z – Budokai 3 – Collectors Edition (E-F-G-I-J-S) (SLES-53346)
– DragonBall Z – Budokai Tenkaichi (E-F-G-I-J-S) (SLES-53200)
– DragonBall Z – Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (E-F-G-I-J-S) (SLES-54164)
– DragonBall Z – Infinite World (E-F-G-I-S) (SLES-55347)
– Star Wars – Battlefront (E-I-S) (SLES-52545)
– Star Wars – Battlefront II (E-I-S) (SLES-53501)
– Il Padrino (I) (SLES-53970)

Bon jeux!!

Traduction manquante

Il manquait l’épisode 4 de la série des Megaman traduit en Fr, c’est chose faite 🙂

Megaman X4 (TRAD-F) (SLUS-00561)

Puis un des jeux de la liste des Most Wanted :

Manager de Liga 2001 (S) (SLES-02979)