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    can you search for these games and add them to your website?

    Retro (SLES-52346)
    Leaderboard Golf (SLES-53902)
    Formula Challenge (SLES-52403)
    Perfect Ace: Pro Tournament Tennis (SLES-51735)
    Perfect Ace 2: The Championships (SLES-52402)
    Roland Garros French Open 2002 (SLES-50809)
    Roland Garros 2003 French Open (SLES-51547)
    Roland Garros 2005: Powered by Smash Court Tennis (SCES-53310)
    MX Rider (SLES-50132)
    Spy Hunter (SLES-50268)
    Spy Hunter 2 (SLES-51841)
    Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run (SLES-54130)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Mutant Melee (SLES-53127)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Smash Up (SLES-55565)
    FIFA Football 2005 (SLES-52559)
    TOCA Race Driver (SLES-50723)
    TOCA Race Driver 2 (SLES-52637)
    TOCA Race Driver 3 (SLES-53087)
    This is Football 2002 (SCES-50244)
    This is Football 2003 (SCES-51039)
    This is Football 2004 (SCES-51610)
    This is Football 2005 (SCES-52425)
    Chessmaster (SLES-51504)
    ESPN NBA Basketball (SLES-51949)
    ESPN NBA 2K5 (SLES-53022)
    Monopoly Party! (SLES-51145)
    NBA Live 2005 (SLES-52713)
    NBA Live 06 (SLES-53546)
    NBA Live 08 (SLES-54895)
    NBA Live 09 (SLES-55334)
    Theme Park World (SLES-50032)

    Merci! 😉

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    Admin bbPress

    games are uploaded and ready to be added for the next update.

    Please check “this is football” serial number as they don’t match what i found 😉

    check from redump website 😉



    Yes, you are right. 2004 and 2005 have wrong SCES numbers in my list.



    Hey Renzukoken,
    thank you so much for your last upload !!

    Can you check also for these missing games (index numbers should be OK, I’ve checked them via redump):

    Theme Park World (SLES-50032)
    This is Football 2002 (SCES-50244)
    This is Football 2003 (there two symbols: SCES-51039 and SCES-51179)
    This is Football 2004 (for English versions also there are two symbols: SCES-51612 and SCES-51613)
    This is Football 2005 (SCES-52426)

    Admin bbPress

    ok, will check those

    Admin bbPress

    all added

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