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    Hi Ren,
    i have a small problem with ePSXe for a long time, i hope you will know how to help me since you are very experienced on this emulator 🙂

    In practice, audio in any game, sometimes from scratch for 1-2 seconds

    I’m using plugin as

    – ePSXe SPU Core 2.0.0

    but also in earlier versions of this issue

    Now I’ve changed my plugin

    – Eternal SPU 1.41 and Lite

    This solves the problem, but I do not like the sound much

    You could help me by accident :/

    Admin bbPress

    Hi Marianna

    Badly, sounds issues can occur because of so many things,
    your Operating system (windows), drivers, your audio card (inside PC/laptop)
    Basically, i’m mostly using the lite 1.41.
    If you witsh to use the SPU Core, you can try changing the settings of the SPU core in epsxe (sound latency and sound effect)

    Be sure too to use the latest epsxe and sound plugin or try different plugins :


    all those 5 plugins

    AUDIO PLUGINS Eternal Spu v.1.41
    AUDIO PLUGINS Eternal Spu v.1.50 Beta 2
    AUDIO PLUGINS P.Op.S. DSound v1.9
    AUDIO PLUGINS P.E.Op.S. Sound Audio Driver 1.10
    AUDIO PLUGINS P.E.Op.S. Sound Audio Driver 1.10b svn 7



    I’m currently using your ePSXe 2.0.5 really works, Thank you so much
    ePSXe I use it for a long time, but I have never managed to solve this problem

    I used all these

    -ePSXe 1.7.0
    -ePSXe 1.9.0
    -ePSXe 2.0.5

    But it does not solve the same

    As I said ePsxe SPU core 2.0.0 and previous ones work fine, but occasionally from scratches to the sound

    Eternal SPU 1.41 Lite Works well, but speech is not good
    Eternal SPU 1.41 is good for speech and sound, but occasionally freezes for 1 second

    Do you think the DirectX can be?
    I later realized that the microsoft site has a dedicated tool to upgrade DirectX

    As an idiot I have upgraded DirectX through a youtube link

    Do you think this may be the problem?

    Admin bbPress

    there is a small chance that directX can solve this, i would suggest you to try the same game with the same emulator and same audio plugin on another PC, to check if there is a difference.

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    Sorry if I answer now REN 🙁 ,
    Unfortunately I do not know what to do for a long time that I can not solve it

    I did not try on other PCs, but others have told me their ePSXe SPU Core is OK

    I wanted to tell you something else as well, I hope you can help me with this too

    Maybe they’re connected

    I have a high end computer with

    8GB RAM

    But the games go slower than the videos seen on youtube

    To make you understand I put a demonstration video:

    That’s right, some new games go exactly like this
    or the game is OK but freezes randomly for 1-2 seconds and then returns to normal

    According to you what can it be?

    Virus, Malware or DirectX?

    I apologize for the disorder I’m giving you,

    I thank you for anyway ^^

    Admin bbPress

    oh so your’re talking about Pcsx2? PS2 emulation?



    No, I was talking about the PS1 emulation and even the new PC Games (Steam) giving lag and fps drop

    – Ryse Son of Rome
    – Shadow of mordor

    They give me all that problem in the video above

    I thought perhaps the problem is connected

    However, even the PS2 emulation gives me problems

    Do you think it can be a malware or something else?

    Admin bbPress

    have no clue 🙂 sorry
    It can be so many reasons



    sorry the disorder REN,
    I thought that I had some solution since you are very experienced in the field

    Unfortunately, it is really difficult to figure out what the problem is

    I thank you anyway ^^
    I still apologize for the disorder

    Admin bbPress

    no problems, did you find a solution?

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